Bankk is a game that gives you the opportunity to run your own virtual bank.

Meet with new customers and investors each month, approving or declining the offers they may bring to you. Then take a vacation and see what the next month has in store.

Grow your business by working with healthy customers and avoiding those who are likely to default on their loans and take from your company. Also, put together a solid portfolio of investors who can support your business without taking too much for themselves.

Check the in-game help menu for more detail.

To play, first download and extract the zip file from Google Drive, and then open the file 'bankk.html' with your web browser.

Should work on any device that can open HTML files in a fairly modern browser. Goal for this project was to build a game that could be deployed to Firefox OS.

This game was built using Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers and may not work correctly on other platforms. Thank you for any feedback or suggestions you may have.

StatusIn development